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Tabitha has been providing ABA services since April of 1997.  She started in Columbus, Ohio as a independent provider doing in-home ABA under consultation from CARD and WEAP.  She rapidly decided that the field of ABA, combining her love of children and passion of teaching, was the career for her.  She joined Nationwide Children's Hospital when they opened their EIBI Autism Center in January of 2000 where she received direct training from Dr. Jacqueline Wynn and remained on staff until fall of 2004.  


In 2003 Tabitha began taking classes at The Ohio State University under professors John O Cooper, William Heward and Timothy Heron in order to obtain her Master's in Special Education with specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis.  Graduating in 2005, she worked in schools for a year as a behavior specialist while she prepared to take the BCBA exam.  In August of 2006 she obtained her BCBA.


She immediately began working as an independent provider and later a provider for both the Autism Scholarship and Tricare.  She continued to provide high quality individualized services until 2011 when she paused to take care of her first born child.  In 2013 she began working with an online training provider allowing her to expand her skills to include creation of training materials and providing training via online platforms.


In January of 2015 she moved to Michigan in order to be ABA director at a multidisciplinary clinic.  In 2018 she joined a small non-profit to advance their services by taking charge of their early intervention program and adding a much needed parent support group component.  


Overall Tabitha has over 26 years of experience working in homes, schools, and clinic settings.  She has provided ABA services using a variety of ABA techniques, each time assuring individualization and effective changes using data-driven decision making for each person/family she has worked with.  Having her own 10 year old son on the spectrum, she has a deep passion for parent training and helping to create peaceful home environments and successful changes by focusing on coordination of services between home and school.  Watching her 11 year old struggle to understand Autism has created a passion for sibling training and support. As a regular church attender, she has also seen the need for church staff training and specialized curriculum.


In late 2018, Tabitha returned to her home state to be near family. Tabitha now resides in Western Ohio where she home schools her daughter and son.  She enjoys spending time with her two children and visiting with her parents who live nearby. In March of 2019 she received her COBA and is excited to bring her expertise change lives in rural Western Ohio, focusing especially in the areas of Darke, Preble and Miami counties.

In-Home ABA

In-Home ABA services can be provided through the Autism Scholarship or other funding sources.  Please contact us for  more information or to receive an intake packet. Please note: The Autism Peace is not an Autism Scholarship Provider, but does provide services through an ASP provider.                    

Community Skills

Community Skills can be identified and targeted. This can include nearly any community setting: grocery store, barber, dentist, park, library, etc.  Please contact us for more information or to receive an intake packet.


We exist to serve people with Autism and those who love and support them.  Using evidence based practices and data driven decision making, our years of experience allow for services that are effective and individualized.


Our vision is to provide families and those who support people with behavior challenges with the tools needed to have peaceful home environments and to provide support throughout the lifespan through trainings and in-services, providing effective treatment, and raising community awareness. We want to provide highest level training and support to others in the field through consultation and contracted support services.

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